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    VOZROZHDENIE Co.Ltd was founded in 1991. Nowadays it is one of the largest modern metal working plant in the North-West of Russia:

    - total cycle of metal working from design and blanking to painting and packing;

    - 250 skilled employees;

    - 25,000 sq.m of prediction facilities;
    - up-to-date equipment from the world leading manufacturers (Amada, Trumph, Finn Power, Gildemeister, DMG, Kawasaki);
    - more than 300 thousand units of product per year;
    - top quality products;
    - volume discounts;
    - free samples for test;
    - english speaking managers.


    We guarantee:
    - competitive prices;
    - individual negotiable conditions;
    - technical support;
    - customer oriented approach.


    We offer:

    - Cutting;

    - Bending;
    - Punching;
    - Turning & Milling;
    - Welding (MIG/MAG/TIG SPOT welding);
    - Powder painting;
    - Guillotine-type cutter, laser cutting machines, wire-cut system;
    - Mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic sheet-bending NC machines with operating range up to 3 meters;
    - NC coordinated punch presses;
    - Multiwork and NC turning and milling machines;
    - electroplating;
    - heat treatment;
    - assembling;
    - delivery;
    - packing and marking.

    We have an extensive experience in manufacturing of metal products for instrumentation and machine building, such as metal cabinets and parts for different electronic and automatic devices: trade, bank, store, food processing, painting, advertising, fire-fighting equipment etc.


    Our clients are famous Russian and foreign companies.
    We are seeking to long-lasting co-operation with foreign companies looking for subcontractors in Russia.


    If your company works in the metal or machinery building sector and is interested in subcontracting, don’t hesitate to contact us!

    We offer:
    - Development of drawings, engineering design;
    - Length of a leaf up to 3 m;
    - Laser cutting.

    Installation on Laser cutting - with Trumpf Trumatic L3050, 5 kW , Trumpf Trumatic L2530, 2.7 kW - allows to make the machine tool open some sheet metal on a complex contour with high quality and speed cutting.


    Punching Press
    FINN POWER Shine Genius

    - The sizes of a leaf up to 1250x2500 mm;
    - Thickness of a leaf from 0,3 up to 3,5 mm;
    - Accuracy of a punched hole of 0,1;
    - Weight of a leaf up to 200 kg.

    Hydraulic sheet bending press manufactures of Germany with working area up to ,2.5 m. Electronics-hydraulic synchronization presses Boschert Profi 58 provides the guaranteed accuracy of positioning of a bending beam of 0,01 mm.

    - Length of preparation up to 2550 mm;
    - Thickness of preparation up to 6 mm;
    - Accuracy 0,01 mm are flexible.

    Welding works:
    - MIG/MAG welding;
    - TIG welding;
    - SPOT welding;

    - Robot welding kawasaki.



    Powder painting - with high anticorrosive stability and crashworthiness, with application industrial paints.

    - dimensions painting,chambers (6.5x2.2 m);
    - thickness of a layer 50 microns;
    - the rough charge of a paint on square meter - 200g.

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